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Best email hosting options of 2023 and Exchange email

After hosting email and serving/helping clients with several hosts since 2001, we have gathered a lot of knowledge and consulting recommendation that we give to our clients  that includes several email hosting solutions depending on their business requirements. From this, here is a list of a few options and descriptions of some of the email services of web that are recommended:

1 - Microsoft Office 365: (aka. Microsoft 365) Single unified platform that is strong and fully featured. pay per user from around $15/mo. and features 1TB cloud drive and great collaboration features. Does not include backup per mailbox so you must add this  with another service provider as our recommendation. Don't keep all your eggs in one basket :)

2 - Microsoft Hosted Exchange:  as , Rackspace, Intermedia, GoDaddy, etc: It is a pay per user plan which is an economical way to host your Microsoft exchange email overall and has great features of collaboration. if you want to specially mix and match with office licenses or wants to mix IMAP and Exchange some of these packages are available for as low as $2/user. We recommend to always host your email with at least one client in full cache mode so you will never lose email in case of disaster of your email host. You can alternative use a backup solution to backup your emails as well. 

3 - Google Workspace: Has features similar to exchange but using their own products online and on the web. You are not able to use Outlook in the same manner of collaboration of Microsoft exchange but it is pretty close for $12/mo. with 2TB cloud drive.

4 - Alternative solutions: IMAP providers, Yahoo Mail, Icewarp email, Amazon Workmail, cPanel mail, etc. These solutions provide a good cheap way to host your email with basic Sync features.

Notes, Issues and Recommendations for email security and Backup:

The only issue with email is that now a days we use it as much as phones and texts but its  important for our communication with customers and vendors and sometimes even though we take it for granted we feel that paying one provider for the service is enough for your email data and history to be secure and that is not the case unfortunately. So this means we must have it up 24/7/365 and when we don't then its a problem.

The first item you must keep in mind is Email backup. No matter where you are hosting your email you should always have a backup plan where you can restore in case of data loss.

Alongside, we recommend a fail over email setup in case of an emergency causing email downtime on your email provider. This can work as a failover mail setup.

Fail over email setup let's you work even when your current mail host is down in case of an emergency situation. Email delivery is important but complicated in the fact that no matter how many MX records you add in the end mail deliverability will depend on the first Mail Exchanger records you have. If your first MX record is accepting all you mail and holding it then you may still be down where manual intervention is still required.

Of course the fail over email can be configured with whoever you chose aside from your current host. Additionally, users can use the emergency email boxes when their main one is down. Email failover can be setup with several hosts. And email can be even synced between different hosts of different companies like for example and Rackspace and Office 365 or even between and Goggle or Yahoo, etc.

For more email failover detail and custom hosting configs please contact us.

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